The committee on the Halal standard informs that there is information from the “Department of Food and social nutrition in Kazan” Municipal Unitary Enterprise about those school and pre-school educational institutions where is Halal school meals are available.
This organization is engaged in manufacturing semi-finished products in order to deliver it to school and preschool institution of the Kazan city. The enterprise provides all conditions for the Halal products production. It is controls with the Halal standard committee of the Central Religious Organization – Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Tatarstan republic.
The list of schools receiving Halal products

Vahitov district: №80, L-131, international school
Moscow district: g-12, g-2,g-17, g-94, 65
Novo-Savinov district: g-155, №№113, 165, Boarding Lyceum 7
Privolgsk district:g-18, г-19,г-16, L-83, №68,35, international school
Sovet district: №171, 108,149,175,11,
Visokogorsk district school
Kirov district: g-4,g-3,g-15
Aviastroy district: №62
The list of nurseries receiving Halal products

Vahitov district: №188,273,273 branch, 24,89
Moscow district: №105,355,126,126 branch,184,291,372,339,
Novo-savinov: №110,18,208,248,28,302,
Privolgsk district: №4,32,396,358,130,163,307,71,379, sunny nursiery,79 branch
Sovet district: № 352,100,54,60,336,67.399,166,38,377,
112,390,415,103,113,109,377 branch,211,148,124,167,109,272,
398,261,394,330,402,64,67 branch,330 branch
Kirov district: №252,178,321,62,125
Aviastroy district: №341, 34 branch, 172,348 branch