“Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia” – new centralized religious organization was established in Russia, its name hinting at historical Orenburg Muslim Spiritual Assembly.

In addition the muftiyat includes communities of Moscow, Chuvashia villages and cities of Tomsk region. It deserves title of the most humble muftiyat in Russia, since Muftiyat received a certificate of registration in the Ministry of Justice (10th of October, which means that Constituent Assembly took place a few weeks before) it was not publicly declared anywhere.

According to the source IslamRF.Ru in MRO Muslim parish number 15 Trehbaltaevo village Shemurshinsky District Chuvash Republic, the founders of the new muftiyat are DUM Moscow and central region, the DUM Chuvash Republic and DUM Siberia (which is in charge, in particular, to a mosque in the Moscow district Otradnoe) .
Chairman of the modest Russian muftiat became Albir Krganov.

Source: http://www.ansar.ru/