When buying 2 Charms – 3rd in the gift, and the purchase of 5 Charms – 50% discount on the silver bracelet for them Bracelets with charms – incredibly fashion trend! Girls and women love them for the opportunity to express themselves, to become a designer – selecting charms, complementing and combining them, each creates its unique decoration.

Therefore, the “Almaz-Holding” offers you the perfect solution for a New Year gift: the terms of the stock purchase 5 charms and silver bracelet-base you will receive just half the price!

And for best friends or sisters buy 2 silver charm and get a gift: 3rd charm bracelet or leather!
Christmas stock in “Almaz-Holding” will last until 1 January 2017. Hurry, because the chimes will not wait!
Give joy with the “Almaz-Holding”!