About Association

The Partnership objectives are:

  • Protection of rights and interests of Halal manufacturers
  • Development of standards, instructions and other documents regulating production, transportation, storage and trade of Halal products.
  • Carrying out researches in Halal production, international practice, certification and standardization of Halal products.
  • Assistance to strengthening of a legal basis for Halal manufacturers business, its socio-legal protection.
  • Attraction of Russian and global public to participate in legal, religious, humanitarian and other projects and events.
  • Assistance to peaceful initiatives of Islamic organizations, projects and events for global and national development.
  • Development of full partnership between Halal committees, assistance to strengthen ties between Islamic science, education and practice.
  • Assistance to the expansion of scientific validity in professional activity of Halal production, research and improvement of practice of application of Sharia standards and legislation.
  • Assistance to strengthening of the peace, friendship, trust and mutual understanding between the nations, consolidations with the national, regional and international Islamic organizations

For achievement of the objectives the Partnership carries out the following kinds of activity in the order established by the law:

  • Cooperation with government bodies, public associations, international government and non-governmental organizations
  • Consideration of actual problems of development of the Halal industry market, the analysis of control practice of production and Halal product sales in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Carries out the congresses, conferences, seminars, “round tables”, discussions independently or jointly with government bodies, public organizations
  • Carries out scientific study of programs and examination of Halal products producers’ initiatives
  • Develops evidence-based recommendations about the issues of application of legislative and other regulations in Halal production industry
  • Carries out preliminary study and preparation of materials concerning the international professional scientific exchange, carrying out the international professional scientific conferences, “round tables” and symposiums
  • Participates in development of decisions of public authorities and local government in the order and volume provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Organizes foreign trips of delegations of Halal production specialists for studying the international practice
  • Studies and extends experience of various countries in the field of control of production and sales of Halal products.
  • Gives information, advisory and organizational help to members of Partnership.
  • Carries out information activities in electronic and printing mass media and information networks (in the order determined by the current legislation)
  • Creation of the corresponding information databases for members of Association, the organization and maintaining statistics, preparation of recommendations and assistance in implementation of joint projects.
  • Promotion of the principles and methods of the Halal Business organization, distribution of the Russian and foreign experience of activity in the sphere of the Halal Business organization
  • Assistance to members of Association in advance of production in the Halal market of products and services
  • Assistance of effective activity of the enterprises – members of Partnership, to their positioning in the market, to achievement of rational specialization and cooperation of production, formation of modern production and social infrastructure of the industry of safety in the Russian Federation.
  • Illumination of problems of the industry of safety in general, Partnership and its members in mass media.
  • Participation in development and granting for consideration of public authorities of projects, suggestions on legislative, standard and legal, scientific and methodical, operational and other issues of development and functioning of the market of safety
  • Organization of cooperation with government bodies, enterprises and establishments of all forms of ownership, public associations and organizations, including foreign bodies.